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Hot Girl Gives Herself An Enema And Shits All Over Her Bed And Then Masturbates With Poop


This girl is really hot. She gives herself an enema and shits all over her bed in this scene. Watch her stick an enema bulb in her ass filled with warm water. She’s got a shaven pussy, decent tits and a decently shaped body. She plays with her clit with all the warm water full in her ass. She stretches her pussy and pushes her asshole out, shitting out of her tight brown fuck hole. She continues to masturbate as she poops. Eventually she grabs some and smears it on her beautiful busty chest and even on her pussy. Yes, she’s using poop as lube on her soft pussy lips and clit. She is totally getting off to being this deprived and fucked as she’s sitting alone with her messy body as she convulses into an amazing orgasm.

Date: August 14, 2017

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