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Extreme Holly And Her Friend Get Messy With Some Puke Play In Vomit Scene


Extreme Holly and her friend get messy today in this vomit porn scene. Watch the two of them get together and hang out. Extreme Holly as you know is a very kinky girl who is into a variety of different things but today she wanted to see what this automatic puker had in store for her. Her friend, the dirty blonde in this vomit video has a medical issue where she throws up when she’s horny. How incredible is that? When she gets wet, her pussy throbs and she feels like she’s going to puke. Well, they both got naked and put that theory to the test. Holly goes low and opens her mouth while her friend gets excited and starts puking automatically. When Holly plays with herself, the girl starts getting sicker. Holly ends up getting covered with puke and even gargles the puke after taking the last load. How hot is this for a vomit porn scene? Definitely in my top hall of fame when it comes to vomit. Holly has some perfect tits and a kinky personality.

Date: August 20, 2017

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